Trusted by founders.

Over the past decade, we have been teaching business founders how to define their brands, focus their marketing efforts to better attract their ideal clients, and create initiatives to grow their businesses by as much as 400%.

AJ Maestas

“We have doubled the demand for our services and our reputation has grown stronger. It's almost a miracle the transformation we have gone through in the past year and it all started with Hearthook.”

AJ Maestas

Founder & CEO | Navigate

Kristen Sandquist

“Through our on-brand initiatives, our fundraising has increased by 25% every year for the past four years. And that’s without having to increase the size of our team.”

Kristen Sandquist

Co-Founder | K2 Adventures Foundation

“We’ve had about 400% growth over the span of three years... develop your brand, know what it is and it will allow you to save a lot of money in the long run.”

Josh Nuñez

Founder | Nuñez & Associates

Great brands are inspired by brilliant founders.

Between your heart and mind exists an elusive set of beliefs, attributes, and aspirations that comprise the foundation of your brand.

We crystalize that foundation and use it as a prism to guide your brand expressions: aesthetics, storytelling, and experiences. It’s how we help you create a brand worthy of hearts and wallets.

Lead with confidence

Knowing why your company exists, who you are serving, and where you excel will give you the confidence to plan and make your next best moves.

Elevate your team

Educating your employees on which direction is true north, and why you’re heading in that direction, will transform them from followers to leaders.

Sell more effectively

Understanding your potential clients more deeply will allow your company to meet them where they are, with the best solution at the right time.

Achieve more with less

Investing in on-brand initiatives and eliminating anything off-brand is key to making the most of your limited time, talent, and budget.

Build brand affinity

Connecting with consumers through shared values is a powerful way to elevate your brand above the competition while cultivating loyalty.

Increase efficiency

Developing and maintaining a brand standard will decrease confusion, wasted efforts, and rework across all of your marketing efforts.

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The art of capturing hearts & wallets.

You know you’re doing great work, and that your heart is in the right place, so why aren’t more people saying yes to working with you? Put simply, they are not seeing enough value.

The people you need to grow your business—employees and clients—value what is meaningful to them, and this is where your brand plays a critical role. It is the agent that creates meaning.

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Showing others a better way.

The first agency I launched failed within a year. While obsessively trying to understand why, I created a brand development process unlike anything I had come across in the hundreds of books, keynotes, and courses I consumed while searching for the answers.

I knew that other small business owners would benefit from this unique approach. So I decided to quit my job at a Fortune 15 company to launch Hearthook. Ten years later, we have successfully applied our process to our business, as well as our vast portfolio of clients from a variety of industries. It works brilliantly.

Developing meaningful brands remains the focus of our consulting work. When you are ready to learn how to capture hearts and wallets, let's talk.

— Frank Salls | Founder & Daydreamer